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UbesGoo 1.6 cu. ft.Compact Portable Electric Laundry Dryer,Silver

UbesGoo 1.6 cu. ft.Compact Portable Electric Laundry Dryer,Silver

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1. Universal front load dryer with stainless steel drum

2. Smart laundry choice-Superior drying performance and efficient and silent tube

3. It's perfect to use in an apartment . condominium and other small living spaces. This mini dryer is extremely adorable and easy carrying . light weighted and compact sized with a removable lint filter and mounting brackets included . and it saves your electricity bill.

4. Perfect for drying baby's clothes . small loads like your underwear . Pyjama . yoga suit . T-shirts . towel . handkerchief . socks . etc. For quickly drying clothes . we recommend not putting more than 5.5 pounds of clothes at one time.

5. Operating this dryer is an easy-understanding and enjoyable laundry experience - just use 1 timer to set your desired temperature . and then we just wait to witness the scented . soft and warm results.

Kind tips:

1. The entire normal process is 200 minutes . about 3 hours.Drying times can be affected by many factors .such as material .bulkiness .how full the dryer is etc.For details . please refer to the guidelines on pages 5 and 6 of the manual.

2. The definition of clothing capacity: the weight of the clothes after dehydration in the washing machine is 2.5KG multiplied by 1.6 . which is 4KG . and the clothes after drying are 2.5KG

3. Please make sure that the clothes are in the dehydrated state (not dripping) before put them in the dryer.


1. Model:GYM25-78G2 

2. Net Dimensions WxDxH mm: (495*410*605)mm/(19.49*16.14*23.82)inch

3. Net Weight: 17kg/37.48lbs

4. Capacity: 2.5KG

5. Material: ABS Control Panel . STS Drum .Plastic Door window

6. Color: Silver

7. Control:MECHANICAL 

7. Rated Current A:3.5A

8. Rated Input Power W: 850W 

Package Includes:

1 x Dryer machine

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Wall Mounting Kits(Exhaust pipe is not included .which you can buy one with Inner diameter 10cm  )

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